American Business Card uses the finest quality papers. However, the specific paper used depends on the products. 

Business cards, 3-D Foiled Magnet Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes and Folding Cards are printed on premium linen paper specially manufactured for American Business Card. Our cardstock is 100lb cover-weight and our letterhead and envelopes are 70lb text-weight. 

Postcards are printed on 12pt - glossy on the front and matte on the back so you can write on it if needed. (This includes the Glossy Notecards). 

Printable Postcards that you can run through your laser printer are printed on 10pt to ensure they will work with all printers.. 

Calendar and Business Card Smooth Magnets are printed on Magnacoat magnetic-foundation substrate. 

There is a one-time set-up charge to format your map for printing. From that point forward, it can be printed on the back of your business card, postcard, or any document you wish free of charge. While creating your business card, click on the "Add a Map" option when your are formatting the back of your document. This section contains detailed information on how to submit your map.

To view past orders made online, you need to login to access your Portfolio. Anything you have created online will be saved in your Portfolio. If you have ordered products in the past via phone or mail, they will not be saved in your Portfolio. Just give us a call at 1-800-555-2234 and one of our Customer Service staff will be happy to add these products to your online Portfolio.

Yes. American Business Card has designs for other industries and can also create custom designs for your business. Contact us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more information.

We are experts in designing products for healthcare-related industries. Our products feature special effect printing that is all done in-house, such as Foil Stamping and 3-D Embossing. These effects give your communication products a professional, upscale look and feel.

Yes, American Business Card would be happy to assist you in all of your web site needs. Whether you choose one of our existing designs or have us design a custom template for you, we can create a professional, coordinated website with the design and functionality needed to enhance your practice image and increase patients.

We use only premium quality linen paper (Artabella), specially manufactured for American Business Card for optimal results in 3D Embossing and Metallic Foiling enhancements. Additionally, our surveys and focus groups indicate that most patients and doctors prefer white paper. If you have any questions about any of American Business Card's products, please call us at 1-800-555-2234.


Yes, we offer spot inks. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more information.

We print our standard products in black ink on the back side. For a custom designed product, we can print full color on both sides of your document. Call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more information.

Colored inks can be harder to read, and we've found most medical professionals prefer easy-to-read, basic contrasts on thier paper products. Also, we have found that our Charcoal Black printing is the most complimentary to our designs. If you have any questions about American Business Card's products, please call us at 1-800-555-2234.


For existing customers who want to begin ordering online, please call a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-555-2234 or email us to request a Login and Password. This will ensure that all your previous orders are linked with your new, online account.

Currently, you can not order postcards online. We are working hard to get all of American Business Card's quality products onto the website for easy ordering, and they should be available soon However, give us a call at 1-800-555-2234 and we will be happy to place your order.


Yes, American Business Cards will happily modify any existing design, however, please keep in mind there will be an associated cost with modifying an existing logo.

Call an American Business Card Representative at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us. You will be extremely happy with the unique image our Graphic Designers will develop for your communications products.

An MSD has coordinating products like business cards, magnets, and more. An SAD design does not have coordinating products. Currently, postcards can not be ordered online. if you would like to order a postcard, find the design you like and call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-555-2234 to place your order.

Yes, American Business Card's Graphic Designers can give your existing logo a facelift. For more information, call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us.

Absolutely! Our Magnet Cards are the same high quality paper and printing as your business card. The only difference is elegant, rounded corners.

No, and for good reason. While your patients and potential patients perceive our designs as your practice's logo, correct usage of the designs is essential so that they remain affordable to your practice. American Business Card designs are protected by US and International Copyright Laws. We can, however, create a new logo design just for you. As long as you purchase it, you can use it on any marketing/advertising materials. We can, however, print your logo on any mass mailings we do for you, or any other materials we print, such as posters, stationary, or even recall cards.

American Business Card is constantly developing new designs with the objective of providing every doctor with as many choices as possible. Given the number of our designs, the probability of one of your patients seeing another doctor's cards with the same design is very small. Every patient will perceive your design as yours exclusively. That is why our products are regarded by many of our customers as their #1 marketing tool. However, if you would like a completely unique logo, we also provide custom design services.


Yes, American Business Card can host your existing website. For more information, call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us.

No. American Business Card can provide a URL for your website if you don't have one.

Yes, we have a state of the art Data Center where we house specialists in website hosting.

American Business Card would be happy to design a custom logo for you. The custom logo we create for your business can be used on any product that American Business Card manufactures - business cards, postcards, magnets, your website, anything we produce! If you want to use the logo on products from another manufacturer, you can purchase the logo from American Business Card outright. Call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more details.


Yes, we ship internationally. Pricing for this service varies based on the weight of the order and the location we are shipping to. You will see shipping options and pricing when checking out.

After an approved proof is received by American Business Card, standard turn-around time for the entire process, including printing and shipping is approximately 10-12 business days for ground shipping, 7 business days for 2nd day shipping, and 5-6 business days with overnight shipping.


According to current state tax laws, American Business Card is only required to charge sales tax to products shipped to destinations in Arizona, where American Business Card is headquartered. Unfortunately, Arizona residents can expect a 7.95% sales tax on orders.


Our company headquarters and printing facility is located in Scottsdale, AZ.